Today I met a girl and she was very nice, good looking and well dressed but one thing which impressed me most was her sparkling smile. Her teeth were glowing like pearls and she had a 24 carat smile. From that moment onwards I was thinking of writing this article so that every girl can look like her. Here I have emphasized on some common tips and easy home remedies so that everyone can have white pearly teeth.


1 – Strawberries are good natural bleaching agents and they can keep your teeth shining and white.
2 - Chewing sugarless gum after having meals will increase the saliva production. Saliva contains many antibacterial agents which keeps teeth healthy.
3 – Avoid tea and coffee because they can cause yellowing of teeth. Similarly acidic drinks such as lemon juice or cold drinks causes deformation of teeth structure.
4 – Eat foods like raw carrot, cucumber, broccoli and apples because they act as natural cleanser.


1 – Brushing your teeth with a homemade paste of baking soda and salt is the best teeth whitening home remedy.
2 – One teaspoon of lemon juice mixed with salt can be used for whitening of yellow teeth.
3 – Orange peel can also be used for achieving whiter teeth. Rubbing the inner part of the peel on the teeth will give you good results.
4 – Make a paste of sunflower oil and salt and rub it on your teeth with your fingers for whitening of teeth. This is one of most effective home remedies for shining and whiter teeth.

 The tips and home remedies mentioned above are very simple but very effective. Try them once and you will have people going crazy over your smile. I wish you a sparkling smile.
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